5 Reasons people are loving the Everlasting Comfort Humidifier For Their Homes

If your skin is flaking, your sinuses are congested and you’re tossing and turning at night, a humidifier can make a world of difference. These machines are designed to gently release water vapor back into your indoor air, which can help you sleep better, breathe easier and feel healthier in your home. These are the top reasons why people use a humidifier so you can decide if it’s time to invest in one for your home. Read on to learn more about humidifiers for home:

Soothes Skin

Winter time is harsh on the skin, and if you’ve ever noticed that your lips get chapped more during these months, then a humidifier might be a good investment for you. They can help prevent your skin from becoming tight, ashen, ultra-dry, itchy and irritated. Your skin gets dry during the winter months because there is less moisture in the air than spring or summertime. Lower temperatures naturally cause a slight downtick in humidity, and the use of heaters like furnaces further contributes to dry skin conditions.

You can have similar problems during the summer months as well. When air conditioning units run at full speed, they can cause the relative humidity levels in homes to drop far below the desired level of 30%. That’s when people will notice skin irritations. Lips and hands are particularly vulnerable to drying out, as the skin is thinner in these areas and has fewer oil glands.You could carry around tubes of hand cream and chapstick everywhere you go, investing in a humidifier is the answer to quick, long-lasting relief.

Healthier Homes

When flu season hits, many people will do everything in their power to help ward off the virus germs and keep themselves as healthy as possible. Did you know that the secret to staying healthy could be by investing in and using a humidifier? Studies have found that the influenza virus was less likely to exist and be transmitted in humid conditions. Specifically, the researchers discovered that when the absolute humidity levels in the air were lower than standard, the virus was more likely to survive. It was also easier to spread among populations. The addition of moisture into the air effectively reversed this trend. Although more research needs to be done before an absolute correlation can be claimed, it’s still worth adding this step to your illness prevention routine. Of course, you should still wash your hands often and follow other health precautions to stay as healthy as possible.

Cozier Living Spaces

Interested in keeping your air moist and cozy during the wintertime without adding additional strain to your heater? While the uptick is minimal, certain warm-mist humidifiers can help warm the air in your room all while keeping you comfortable (and your skin in good shape!) Air with more moisture tends to hold more warmth than drier air, so running a humidifier in the winter can help increase the relative humidity in your rooms to raise the temperature. Did you know that it’s recommended that people use humidifiers alongside heaters instead of just heaters alone? It’s because heaters can deprive air of a majority of its natural moisture, and a humidifier helps to gradually add it back in so you don’t feel the negative effects.

Fosters Furniture Longevity

If the air inside your home is very dry, it can cause wooden furniture to warp and even bend. Whether you have wooden picture frames on your walls or wooden legs on your favorite armchair, you might see places where the joints have started to come apart. This is a tell tale sign that you need to add more moisture to your home. Another place to check? Your wallpaper. Wallpaper applied with traditional glue could dry out if your home’s air isn’t at the right humidity. As a result, you’ll soon start to notice the paper pulling away from the walls and creating unsightly bubbles and tears. Adding a humidifier can help prevent any further damage to your furniture or wallpaper from occurring.

Better Sleep

Do you wake up almost every night by your partner elbowing you or kicking you under the covers? Studies have found that approximately 40% of men and 24% of women snore at night. If you add moisture into the air with a humidifier, you can help the entire family sleep a little more soundly at night. Did you know that dry air can make your throat swell and congest your sinuses? This will aggravate snoring symptoms and lead to lower quality sleep for you and your family in the long run. A humidifier can address this dryness and add moisture to the air. This way, your nasal passages can stay relaxed and open, and air can move more freely through them.

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