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Do I Need a Facebook Business Manager Account to Run Ads?

Do I need a Facebook Business Manager account in order to run ads? Yes, and here’s why. Facebook Business Manager is a powerful tool for managing multiple Facebook accounts and pages. It can make you a better marketer, and it’s great for agencies that manage social media. It also allows you to add employees to your business account, but you should never give them admin access!

To get started, go to your Business Manager account and select the Accounts tab. On the Accounts page, click Add Accounts. On the right side, click “Add Account.” Choose the type of account that you want to manage. There are three types of accounts: business, personal, and agency. When creating a new account, enter your business email address and select your role. Then, follow the steps outlined in the Add Account wizard.

Facebook Business Manager keeps your business activities separate from your personal profile. You can use it to track Facebook ads, and you can access detailed reports about your ad performance from one central place. The Facebook Business Manager also lets you share assets with your team. Since it is separate from your personal Facebook account, it’s safe to share these assets with others without fear of being found out! Also, Facebook Business Manager gives you the flexibility to create different custom audiences for different ad campaigns, which can be great for businesses and agencies with different target audiences.

If you don’t have a Business Manager account, you’ll need one. It’s possible to create a new one in your business manager account, but you cannot claim an ad account owned by another Business Manager. Instead, you’ll need to create a new account. You can add as many people as you like, or set up a different permission level for everyone to see the ads.

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