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How to Make the Most of Facebook Ads Manager

In order to make the most of Facebook Ads Manager, you’ll need to first understand what it is. Facebook Ads is a form of advertising that enables you to target your audience based on interests, behavior, and deeper demographics. It also provides tools for creative targeting, language, and audience segments. Facebook’s comprehensive guide outlines these and other useful features. Once you understand how Facebook Ads works, you can set up your campaign in no time.

Facebook Ads Manager allows you to target your audience with great precision. Facebook users can be classified according to their likes, behavior, and even job title. By narrowing your audience, you’ll increase your chances of getting engagements from your ads. Think about your ideal customer and use keywords that are relevant to them. For example, a yoga studio advertiser might target people who follow the clothing line Lululemon. Facebook will suggest the appropriate audience groups for you based on this data.

You can view account-level results, which show everything going on across your ads and campaigns. You can also monitor any significant shifts in performance, and determine the best way to respond. Click on the “Account Overview” button in the top left corner of your Facebook Ads Manager page to access this information. In the next section, click on “Conversions” and click on the link that shows the number of conversions.

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