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Is Distance Schooling Good For Instructing?

Many people have questions about this type of schooling and ask, “Is distance learning good for instructing?” The answer is a resounding yes! Many distance learners benefit from the flexible learning environment that is made possible through online distance education. The ability to complete school work while traveling for business or during a break from work is one of the main attractions of this type of program. Online distance education often enables students to interact with their teachers and classmates through chat rooms and instant messaging services. Teachers and students also remain in touch via conference calling technology.

Many teachers are considering distance learning as an opportunity to reinvent the traditional role of the teacher. While distance learning can improve communication and student engagement, it can also negatively impact certain aspects of a student’s learning experience. High-quality schools often rely on their best teachers to deliver instruction while others assist and support students in small groups. And now more than ever, schools across the country are offering shared summer school sessions to accommodate the growing number of students who are attending distance education programs.

When considering distance learning, it’s important to consider your personality and motivation. Do you have a strong work ethic and have the ability to handle the stress of working around a busy schedule? Are you committed to the subject matter of your chosen program? Will you be successful? Is distance schooling the best option for you? Definitely! And don’t forget to consider your options based on the type of program you’re looking into.

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