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What is the Meaning of PM Me on Facebook Comments?

What is the meaning of “PM me” on Facebook comments? It means you can privately communicate with someone without the need to publicly reply to their comment. Facebook lets you send a private message to any user you choose. You can do this using your email account or by selecting a friend account to send a message to. You can also send a private message to a specific person by typing a message in their profile and asking them to select it as a PM.

If you want to send a private message to a friend, you’ll have to turn the feature on. This is an entirely new feature on Facebook, and most people will never expect to receive a private message after leaving a comment. The reason for this is that the replying friend is more likely to respond to your original comment. If you have the right settings, however, you can reply privately to a comment to let the other person know you’ve replied.

When you respond to a comment on Facebook, make sure to check the status first. Most comments on Facebook are public, and the small globe icon will indicate if the comment is visible to other people. Therefore, it’s best to keep a positive brand image and hide any negative comments. This will protect you from getting hacked or redirected to a competitor’s site. In the event that the commenter is a competitor, you can also block them from responding to your comment.

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