How Significant is Wellbeing?

In our modern world, feelings of well-being are essential for our overall health. They enable us to overcome challenges and achieve our goals. But what exactly contributes to our overall wellbeing? The answer to this question depends on our past experiences, our attitudes, and our outlook. Physical and emotional trauma can significantly impact our wellbeing. Stress, in particular, can affect our health. A higher income, a better education, and good relationships are just a few of the factors that contribute to our overall wellbeing.

Several studies have examined the relationship between child wellbeing and academic achievement, including interventions designed to improve the well-being of schoolchildren. The UK Resilience Programme is one example. The researchers use longitudinal data to compare the performance of children who attended a school that offered wellbeing interventions and those who did not. Longitudinal studies are typically more reliable than experimental studies in this field, but cross-sectional studies are sometimes used when causal evidence is not available.

Many employees look for organisations with progressive policies that promote wellbeing. Flexible work arrangements, for example, are a key element in attracting and retaining good talent. As a result, these organisations are often able to offer a better work-life balance, while helping employees feel better and performing at their best. How significant is wellbeing? to your organisation? Find out how your organisation measures up to the challenge. It’s important to remember that the definition of wellbeing will be different in different organisations.

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