A Comprehensive Guide for Novice MU: Across Time

MU: Across Time offers an array of character classes and expansive leveling maps, making it an accurate recreation of the PK and BOSS systems of the original MU. If you’re excited to explore a daring world of heroes and uncover the unknown, then it’s time to download the game and dive into MU: Across Time.

Comprehending the Traits of a Personage

Start your journey by becoming familiar with the nuances of character attributes. In the main interface, click the character avatar or the “Character” icon to access the “Character Attributes” window. This window features three tabs: “Base,” “Allocation,” and “Title.” The “Base” tab has information about your character, such as nickname, class, level, guild, world level, and several attribute values.

The attributes which influence combat abilities can be divided into three categories; primary, base, and special. Primary attributes, like Strength, Vitality, Agility, and Intelligence, are increased by allocating attribute points. Base attributes are HP, Defense, Attack Speed, Attack Success Rate, Defense Success Rate, and various damage values. Lastly, special attributes, acquired from weapons, equipment, mounts, titles, or other items, bring diverse effects to your character.

Exploiting the Advantages of Abilities

Gaining an edge in battle is essential for making progress in MU: Across Time. One of the best methods for doing this is by honing and upgrading your skills. The “Skills” icon in the main interface opens the “Skills” window, where you can take a look at the available and unlearned skills. The 28 class skills are divided into three classes – General Skills, First Transfer Skills, and Second Transfer Skills – all of which can be used to unleash powerful attacks and reveal your character’s true potential.

Main quests or skill scrolls from the Point Shop can be used to acquire the general skills exclusive to each class. After finishing the transfer quests, the First and Second Transfer Skills are unlocked, offering specialized abilities based on your class and branch. Enhancing the effectiveness of the abilities and granting extra impacts can be done by using Skill Awakening Stones to level up the skills.

The procurement of resources can be facilitated through the utilization of currency systems.

Within the expansive world of MU: Across Time, different currencies are fundamental for obtaining essential objects. These four currencies – Gold, Points, Prestige, and Diamonds – can be attained by completing quests, participating in daily activities, events, grinding, and selling equipment. Gold is mostly employed to obtain healing potions and synthesize items from the “Portable Shop.”

Activities such as Enchanted Land, Blood Castle, Field Grinding, and World Boss battles can help you acquire Points and Point Gems. These can then be traded for useful items through the Point Shop and Auction Market, which will bolster your character’s equipment and general progress.

By becoming a member of a guild, one has access to Prestige which can be earned through guild-specific tasks. Prestige can be exchanged for various items in the Prestige Store, such as precious necklaces, skill boosts, exceptional mounts, and essential daily supplies.

In MU: Across Time, diamonds are the most esteemed currency. These jewels can only be obtained through topping up. They offer quite a few advantages, such as recovering experience even when offline grinding, VIP account options, equipment upgrades, and the ability to buy from the “Diamond Shop.”

Advancing at a Rapid Pace – Strategies for Success

Making quick advances in MU: Across Time necessitates the use of effective tactics. Here are some suggestions to upgrade your gaming experience:

Leveling up and Taking on Quests: Participate in missions to receive experience points and prizes. Main missions will assist you in progressing through the story, while side quests offer supplementary difficulties and rewards. Concentrate on finishing missions that are aligned with the level of your character to guarantee efficient power-leveling.

Gathering in a Group: Entering a party or guild can significantly improve your gaming experience. Joining cooperative events such as Devil Square, Guild Quests, and Guild Boss battles can bring you extra experience, rewards, and the opportunity to make friends with other gamers.

Enhancing Skills: To make your character’s primary attributes stronger, use your attribute points wisely. To make the most out of your skills, Skill Awakening Stones can be used to increase their levels and access powerful extra effects.

Gear Upgrading: Increase your combat capabilities by advancing your equipment. You can use resources such as gold, points, and prestige to enhance the evolution level of the gear. Moreover, discover the “Diamond Shop” for exclusive stuff that can further increase the power of your character.

Effective Utilization of Assets: Give utmost importance to the resources available to you. Spend your gold to purchase the necessary consumables from the “Portable Shop.” Spend your points and prestige to purchase advantageous items from their respective stores. Strategically consider investing in the “Diamond Shop” for items which provide major benefits.

Take part in one-off occasions: Make the most of short-term events and activities to garner extra rewards, experience, and rare items. These functions offer a chance to advance at a quicker rate and to interface with other gamers.

Upkeep of Knowledge: Keep watch for any game revisions, bug fixes, and plans shared by the gaming community. Be willing to take on new practices and make changes to your approach to playing as the game continually changes biographyer.

In Summary

With the useful knowledge and strategies given in this guide, you are now ready to confront the vibrant realm of MU: Across Time with assurance. If PC is your desired platform for playing Mastering MU: Across Time, then you can rejoice, for this guide provides the conclusion. The Redfinger Android emulator is available at to fit your requirements.

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