HealthTap and Health Equity: Addressing Unmet Needs

HealthTap provides affordable, on-demand virtual healthcare to patients across America through its proprietary technology that matches patient-doctor pairs in real-time and at scale.

Members of this platform can access Urgent Care and Primary Care for just $15 a month – less than they usually pay for coffee! All doctors on the platform are U.S.-based, board-certified and verified through an extensive screening process.

1. Addressing Unmet Needs

HealthTap provides access to healthcare services for those without insurance, providing 24/7 text or video consultations with doctors.

They can access a range of services like Urgent Care, Primary Care and travel medicine at affordable rates.

Smart Health Search, a new feature offered by Microsoft, allows users to more quickly and accurately access relevant data from the world’s largest library of doctor knowledge based on their unique medical history. This helps them avoid repeat visits and optimize their overall health outcomes.

2. Creating a Community of Practice

Healthcare systems are struggling to keep up with an ever-increasing demand for access to care due to fragmented systems and inefficient processes. HealthTap can help solve these problems by streamlining the process and giving patients better access to their health information.

HealthTap is a free service that connects consumers to real doctors for answers on their healthcare questions. Their network of over 11,500 physicians across 147 specialties in the US are dedicated to sharing their expertise and experience, so you’re sure to find someone with whom you can connect.

Physicians wishing to participate in HealthTap must be licensed and in good standing, while the company also performs a background check. These measures guarantee the credibility and safety of HealthTap’s content and services.

3. Creating a Community of Innovation

HealthTap has the unique opportunity to foster innovation within its community. Through its virtual primary care model, members can receive tailored treatment plans based on their symptoms.

This approach helps them address their healthcare needs in the most efficient manner. This is especially crucial in today’s healthcare landscape, where patients are increasingly utilizing digital tools and strategies to take control of their own wellbeing.

HealthTap has instead built trust and developed an ecosystem of doctors and providers who treat each member as if they were a living person, rather than relying on third parties for assistance.

Establishing and maintaining long-term relationships with members is essential for building and maintaining those important connections. Furthermore, having access to a doctor should never be an issue; this provides them with an advantage over traditional urgent care centres and emergency rooms which typically only offer services Monday through Friday from 9am-5pm.

4. Creating a Community of Opportunity

HealthTap is a nationwide virtual primary care provider that offers quality, affordable and convenient primary care to all Americans regardless of insurance status. Members have access to their own long-term doctor who will guide them throughout their ongoing health needs for just $15 per month.

HealthTap also boasts an expansive network of 90,000 volunteer U.S. doctors across 147 specialties who provide free informational answers to members’ health queries.

HealthTap provides its physicians with a platform to collaborate on challenging cases and exchange knowledge through peer review. Recently, it unveiled a cloud system to make infrastructure, content, data access and digital services more convenient for both large and small software developers building medical apps on top of the HealthTap platform.


In addition to addressing unmet healthcare needs, HealthTap is also committed to promoting health equity. Through its virtual platform, HealthTap offers affordable and convenient access to primary care for all Americans, including those who are uninsured or underinsured.

By leveraging technology, HealthTap is able to break down traditional barriers to healthcare access, such as geographic location and cost, and provide care to those who need it most.

Furthermore, HealthTap’s network of physicians across various specialties provides a diverse range of perspectives and expertise, ensuring that patients receive high-quality care that is tailored to their unique needs.

Overall, HealthTap is not only creating a community of practice and innovation, but also a community of opportunity, where all individuals have access to the healthcare services they need to live healthy and fulfilling lives.

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